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Same-Day Deliveries

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Wiltshire Couriers are available 24 hours 7 days every week to offer a quality courier service to individuals and businesses alike to get small packages, letters, parcels or whole truck loads delivered locally and to or from locations around the UK.  Unfortunately we have temporarily suspended our European collections and deliveries, we hope to resume this in the near future.

Specialist collection and delivery isn’t our sideline like many other business, your deliveries are what we do.

Your package will be collected and taken directly to its destination, if this is what is required. Usually the same person collecting your items is the one that delivers them, rarely do we need to change vehicles.

Your items never go via hubs where loss and damage usually occurs. With our company, packages being damaged or lost just doesn’t happen.

Collection and delivery in the fastest possible times.

We can carry from a small usb stick right up to several truck loads of goods. Smaller items often travel by motorcycle or small van and those larger loads and pallets can be carried by larger van or truck using one of over 3000 vehicles available to our network.

Technology is used throughout, all vehicles have satellite navigation and hands free mobile phone headsets for constant contact to locate packages and estimated times of delivery.

  • Motorcycle Couriers
  • Vans and trucks available
  • Local, UK wide collections and deliveries
  • A fast reliable courier service
  • Local & Long distance
  • Private and business users welcome
  • 24hr number for urgent deliveries any time
  • £10,000 goods in transit insurance
  • Sat Nav & Handsfree on all vehicles
  • Competitive prices & no obligation quotes
  • No hidden extras, you pay just the quoted price
  • We accept most credit and debit cards, &
  • Account facilities available for business users
Ralph and Maggie fast uk van courier
maggie mckenzie courier europe

Our HQ

Meet Maggie and Ralphie. Maggie is usually your first point of contact when you call or email. They have a combined experience of a gazillion years in the industry, (although Maggie won’t thank you for reminding her of that!), and a passion for customer service!

Maggie will deal with your enquiry and allocate an account manager to oversee your consignment for every step of the way. Ralphie’s strengths lie more towards security and the testing of biscuits. He is also very fond of hugging.


Our Mission

To be the most reliable, helpful, communicative and trustworthy national same-day couriers in the UK.


Our Values

Customer satisfaction. Reflective Practice. Trust. Relationships. Communication. Non-exploitation. Ethical Practice.

Where Do we operate?

Anywhere in UK.

We can collect packages anywhere for delivery anywhere else, for example :collect in Brighton and deliver to Salisbury, Birmingham or London. Horsham to Chichester, Battle to Rye.
No distance is too short or too far.

We have couriers ready 24hrs to collect and deliver your urgent items wherever they need to be.

We work among a network of couriers across the UK to get your items quickly collected and delivered.

Call for a no obligation quote for your urgent or valuable item deliveries.

Fast van delivering fast

What do we carry?

A large majority of the items our couriers transport are IT related or documents, this can vary from a passport, tender or data card, right up to several truck loads of goods of exhibition equipment and the service we offer is ideal for those smaller items that just cannot be lost at all costs, this could be hand crafted jewellery, legal documents, evidence tapes etc

The list is endless but some of what we have delivered recently

  • Tender to Luxembourg
  • Documents to Paris
  • Frozen food samples for testing
  • Passport from Paris to Monaco
  • Ship parts to Northern Germany
  • Training equipment to Spain
  • Car key to Albert, France
  • Krugerrands to London
  • Passport to Paris
  • Hard drive to Peterborough
  • Tender to Leicester
  • Train part to Germany
  • Box of brochures to Salzburg,austria
  • Jewellery to Birmingham
  • Mattress to Austria
  • Pallets of sealant to Prague, Czech republic
  • Display banner to Newcastle
  • Electric organ, Munich to Portsmouth
  • Cycle to Oxford
  • Camera from Lille, France to Ipswich
  • Oil rig parts to Aberdeen
  • Passport to Belgium
  • Engineering samples to Salisbury

but we will carry anything, almost

Items have to be safe and legal, we will not carry for example: explosives although hazardous goods can be carried by certain drivers with the correct training

If you have a doubt about the item you need delivered please feel free to contact us to ask

How quick can you get it there?

Our experienced couriers will take your item to it's destination directly, unless you require delivery at an alternative day or time to suit.

Brighton to central London(62 miles) in 80 - 120 mins. Crawley to Guildford 45-70 Minutes.

Worthing to Swindon (112 miles) will usually take 120 - 150 mins

Who can use our services?

Anyone, some couriers turn away real people and just accept work from businesses, not us, we'll help out anyone who has a need for our services.

We can take that box of forgotten tablets to cornwall for mr joe bloggs or the multi million pound tender to london for a multi national blue chip corporation.

How can I pay?

Paying has been made as simple and painless as we could make it. We can accept cash, and most credit/debit cards including visa, mastercard, solo, maestro etc and on-line with Paypal.

We can also set up an account for businesses and regular users with up to 30 days credit after an initial first job, payments from account holders by cash, cheque, postal order, BACS, Paypal or standing order.

Why does it cost more than next day parcel carrier?

Simply, because it costs us more to provide a quality direct service, is so much faster, secure and generally much better all round.

Our couriers collect your package and take it directly to where it is going, it cannot get lost, doesn't get damaged or left in vehicles anywhere. Most packages are handed to the receiver in minutes or in a few hours over longer distances.

Parcel carriers collect your package, often thrown into a van with hundreds of other packages, squashed into trucks then shipped to the Midlands to be sorted, kicked about and crushed before being sent to a depot local to delivery point the next day if you are lucky where it'll be put into another van and driven round until it finally, maybe reaches the address it is intended.

That is all of course if it doesn't get destroyed or "lost" by the carrier company who have already charged you more money for insuring your parcel against their incompetence and dishonest staff.

Quite simply, if it MUST get there, in one piece, fast or at a specific time, call us, we have never lost or damaged a customers parcel.

Why use Wiltshire-courier?

You will get what you pay for.

We will deliver what we say. If it needs to be delivered at a certain time, it will be, it won't be offloaded several times, bumped around, damaged or abused, stolen by staff etc.

There are people that will offer you a cheaper and much lower quality service, no proper insurance, no proper documentation and pile your items into a van with many other deliveries, leaving them open to damage, loss and theft.

How do i book?

It's easy, simply call us on 01273 917913 to ask for a price, if you accept it (most usually do after phoning round) give us all the details required, like collection and delivery addresses, item size and weight (roughly) and anything else you think might help. Phone numbers are always good.

Is my package insured against loss?

Yes, but read on. Packages don't get lost. How does a 10" square box get lost? it can't slip down the back of the seat.

Parcels have been known to get stolen by staff of overnight delivery services and their customers are expected to pay an extra insurance against 'loss'. Laughable really. give you a premium service whereby 'loss' doesn't happen. Our staff don't feel inclined to steal your property and actually take great care of your items, don't leave them unattended overnight or pass between a long line of untraceable staff.

We do though have goods in transit insurance in force which covers actual value of items up to £10,000 in case of accident or robbery. In all the years we've been operating we've yet to claim for anything.

Our customers have put trust in us to deliver £40,000 worth of pure gold so you can be sure of a safe secure service.

More? really do like to help and are not here to empty your wallet for the sake of it, (although we are a business and like to try to pay our bills on time just like you do).

If there is ANYTHING you think we may be able to help you with, just ask - simple as that, if we can help or do something that little bit extra or out of the ordinary we will usually do it.

Contact Us

Call or email us

If you need a quote for a delivery/collection for today or tomorrow please call as emails may not be read in time.
The form below can be used for general or non-urgent enquiries.

The telephone numbers are active permanently, 24hrs, 7days, every day.
Please only call outside of office hours for urgent/out of hours or first thing the next day collections/deliveries.


I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your service - not just doing the job of getting the package from A to B in time, but also how sympathetic and reassuring both you and the driver (can't remember his name but am sure you have him on record - lovely chap) were to us in our complete panic. 

Superb service, and one I'd not hesitate to recommend on.  Thank you both for being there in our hour of need, and so professionally too.

- Rebecca

Wonderful service from start to finish.

- Antony

Really impressed with the service I have received from you and the driver was really polite and helpful, I won't hesitate to use you in the future.

Thank you so much

- Andy Clark

I needed my passport for a flight the next morning. Ralph Logistics picked it up at 22.30. Four hours and 200 miles later it was safely in my hand. A fast, efficient and friendly service - and a huge relief.

- Tom Stewart

It all worked out well thanks to you and your driver! phew :-) Thank you both for great service.

- Nigel G

Thank you for the invoice..
You really were a great help to us!!!
We had a great time, thanks.
It took the stress off knowing the tickets were coming!!

Once again, thanks for your care and help to save our day..


- Sarah

Perfect service, saved the day! The part arrived in plenty of time and the boys had a great day racing!

- Michelle

Thank you, and your couriers, so much for delivering Mike's passport to him in Brugge. Hopefully, I will not need to use your services for such a situation again, but would certainly call on you again if a courier service was needed, and will recommend your services to friends.

Thanks again.

- Wendy

We have had a long & enjoyable relationship with Ralph Logistics. Nothing is ever too difficult, complex or short notice - despite our efforts! We consider Maggie an essential trade partner who we can always completely rely on to deliver. Flexible, willing, solution orientated & terrific value. I can't recommend them highly enough.

- PJ

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